DeSanctis and DeSio Lead Media Unit


STATEN ISLAND, NY, February 22, 2011 –The Staten Island Libertarian Party announced two key appointments to the organization’s media communications team. Charter member Jennifer DeSanctis-Narby is now serving as Communications Director. She is responsible for supervising the development of all public relations materials and news content for the party, and providing editorial oversight.
A coffee aficionado and former coffee house entrepreneur, Ms. DeSanctis-Narby holds a B.A. in psychology from the College of Staten Island, City University of New York (CUNY), and is currently completing her final semester in the M.A. program for Mental Health Counseling at Brooklyn College, CUNY.
Ms. DeSanctis-Narby also interns with the LGBT Center of Staten Island, specializing in individual and group therapy for the adolescent LGBT community. In addition, she assists the Center’s staff in providing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and their family members with access to culturally competent programs, events, and activities that promote overall well being.
Born and raised in Rochester, Ms. DeSanctis-Narby is the granddaughter of Italian immigrants. Now a 12-year island resident, she lives in Silver Lake with her husband, Dave Narby, the party’s 2010 New York State Assembly candidate in the 61st District.
Westerleigh resident Robert DeSio, a recent arrival to the party, will take on a newly created role as Director of Media Relations. He will complement those efforts of Ms. DeSanctis-Narby, with Web media strategy and administration of all digital channels. He will also act as the party’s media liaison officer.
Mr. DeSio is a 20-year veteran of the police force, having worked with all three departments; Transit, City, and Housing. Ten of those years were in service to Staten Island, including eight with the 123 Precinct. In addition to patrol duties here, he has served as the precinct’s Community Affairs Officer, and worked in helping area youth, coordinating school crossing guards, and improving highway safety.
A Lower West Side native, Mr. DeSio’s distinguished police career began in Manhattan. There he volunteered for the NYPD Anti-Crime unit, and Transit’s Anti-Crime Strike Force. He is the recipient of 22 official commendations.
An advocate of continuing education, Mr. DeSio is a student of psychology and sociology. He is also the proud father of two children. His son is a mechanical engineer, and his daughter works as a project coordinator for New York University.

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Liberty Kitchen & Food Drive

As Libertarians we teach and support the American heritage of liberty, enterprise, and personal responsibility. Yet there are periods when hard-working, self-reliant families can find themselves overwhelmed by tough times.
For a growing number of families, those times have now hit home.
As a result, our local food banks and pantries have been hard hit, too. We’ve heard from several organizations that 30-40 additional families are seeking assistance each week.
In case you missed our last Liberty Tree Town Hall or recent posts, the Staten Island Libertarian Party is on the move collecting food and other kitchen essentials. Today we’re asking your help.
Non-perishable foodstuffs and canned goods are preferred. Baby food and formula are always needed. Any new or like-new pots, pans, microwaveable cookware, or cooking utensils are also welcome. We’ll even find a good home for any of your extra or unneeded cookbooks.
A Staten Island Libertarian Party officer will coordinate with the food banks and pantries, so these goods reach those operations with the most urgent needs. You may also specify one of your own choosing.
To arrange for pickup or find the nearest drop-off location, call our Liberty Line @ 646-543-7457 or contact [email protected]. You can also bring your donation to our next Town Hall meeting. No donation is too small.
The goal of the Liberty Kitchen & Food Drive is simple: Help families to help themselves by maintaining a sense of independence, dignity, and self-worth. We’ll faithfully assist in providing food to those in need, plus the knowledge and tools to prepare it.
On behalf of our neighbor friends and families, we thank you for anything you can contribute.

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An open letter to our representatives, and the community.

­Dear Sirs and Madams:
I had the good fortune to meet all of you during the campaign season.  I made the point of telling each of you that my run was not about me.  It was about raising people’s awareness of the need to return to Constitutional government, local autonomy and solutions vs. Federal control and mismanagement, and restoring sound money to our Republic.  It is the disruptive and potentially dangerous consequences of not having sound money that I need to alert you to today.
The Federal Reserve continues to create money on a historically unprecedented scale via “Quantitative Easing”, which is a 21st century euphemism for printing money.   Ben Bernanke would like us to believe that this can be done without consequence.  A thinking person will immediately realize this is insane, for if a country could simply buy its own debt with no consequences, every country should have been doing this all along. Clearly, any country that did so would have its currency repudiated on the open market.  The US has only been able to do this so far because it has the privilege of controlling the production of the world’s reserve currency.  If we do not change course, this privilege will be revoked, and soon.
I mentioned to a few of you what is likely to happen to our country and society if the federal government, state government, and Federal Reserve continue on the present path.  At the very least, the USA will experience extremely strong food and energy price inflation in the coming 6-12 months, well beyond that which the USA has endured before.  There is also the possibility of an even more severe outcome, which if it is to come to pass, will become more evident in the months ahead.
I am far from alone in this thinking and direct your attention to the following information that supports the case (this is by no means exhaustive).
A good place to begin to begin is here: The course is free and a great primer if any of this is new to you.
Economically speaking, we are essentially in the “Crack-up Boom” phase of the Austrian business cycle; see and and
As inflation strengthens, food and energy prices will continue to go steadily up.  Combined with the failed policies of the local, state, and federal governments (and the Federal Reserve) resulting in extremely high (and still increasing) unemployment, we will reach a point quite quickly where a large percentage of citizens are going to be unable to feed themselves.  It will fall on government and private charity to meet their food needs.  Please see:
This trend is accelerating and shows no sign of letting up until well after the necessary structural reforms are in place to allow a real recovery to take hold.  I personally have spoken with two people who volunteer at different local food banks, and they told me they are adding 30-40 new families every week.
The necessary structural reforms to avert this scenario are nowhere on the horizon.  The US House is highly unlikely to produce any necessary change in time to avert a crisis as the “muddle through” mentality is firmly in place.
If any of you have any doubts that the Federal government in conjunction with the Federal Reserve can somehow pull off a miracle, then please review the following article: and realize that we will simply have more of the same until there is a crisis.
Please also watch the Crash Course, and then reflect on the effectiveness of the government’s response, both state and federal, during hurricane Katrina.  Now imagine an ‘economic Katrina’ hitting the entire nation at approximately the same time.  That is what we are facing.
I strongly encourage you to seek the opinions of your own experts in the areas of monetary systems and economics, as I would not expect you to take my word alone on this. But I would also urge you to first ask them if they saw the financial crisis coming, and acted on it (either defensively to preserve capital, or aggressively to profit from it).  This is because if they did not see it coming, or did not act on it, then I would not give their opinion much weight in this matter.
Please consider that those that did see it coming are now ‘bullish’ on only a few things, among them are commodities, arable farmland with water (in politically stable countries with strong property rights), and precious metals.  Please think on that fact; it’s very important.
I am sending this letter to as many community leaders as possible and will be publishing it online.  I sincerely hope that events do not play out as suggested above, but given my own understanding of the matter it is almost certain they will, and my conscience demands that I must place a stake in the ground here and now.  And that begins with all of you.
In my next correspondence I will present to you what I believe is critical to prepare our community and to help get Staten Islanders through this potentially most difficult period without an undue amount of strife.
Until then, please contact me with any concerns or questions.
Dave Narby

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LIBERTY TREE TOWN HALL, Wednesday, February 9th @ 8pm

On Wednesday evening, the Staten Island Libertarian Party presents the “Liberty Tree Town Hall,” in the dining room at Karl’s Klipper, 40 Bay Street, in St. George across from the post office.


2011 Civic Initiatives Update

Sit in on our review of first quarter project planning. If you’re looking to make a difference in our community, this is the place to be. There is much to be done. No contribution of time or effort too small. All are welcome.

2012 Candidate Discussion

The first in a series of conversations about the next general election cycle. Ever think about running for office? Know somebody that should run for office? Stop by, patriots wanted.

The People Speak

We yield the floor to any and all neighbors and residents, regardless of party affiliation, topic, or positions on the issues. Come speak your mind, observe your First Amendment rights. Give us your views of our government. Share your vision for the future of our community. Visitors and Members of the Free Press always welcome.

Free Pocketsize Constitution

Speaking of rights… The Staten Island Libertarian Party will be offering to all in attendance free pocket copies of the Constitution of the United States and Declaration of Independence. Did I say they were free?

Food Pantry

We ask anyone planning to attend to please bring some canned goods to the Town Hall for donation. Area food pantries are running short. We’re hearing from two separate panties that there are 30-40 new families seeking assistance each week. Times are tough. Let’s take care of our own (or the government will with its usual efficiency).
Thanks, and see you on Wednesday.
Edward Stehlin, Chairman
The original “Liberty Tree” dates back to the 1760s, around the time of the infamous Stamp Act and the first rumblings of American revolution. There became many such trees designated across the colonies (and later liberty poles were erected after the British cut down the trees). They were a cherished rallying point for the Colonists, as they discussed and made plans for dealing with the tyrants who ruled through oppressive government. And so it goes…

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