Narby, Panzella Step Up for State Libertarian Duties

Dave Narby, SILP Secretary, was elected as one of five Members at Large during the recent LPNY State Convention. Danny Panzella (AD 63), was chosen in a special election to assume the post of State Committee Representative.

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Americans for Prosperity Applauds New York State Assembly Candidate Danny Panzella

Danny Panzella, the Libertarian candidate for New York’s 63rd Assembly District (Staten Island), has recently been acknowledged by Americans for Prosperity for signing the group’s “No Climate Tax Pledge.” The pledge, as signed by Danny, reads:

I, Danny Panzella, pledge to the taxpayers of the state of New York and to the American people that I will oppose any legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue.

Danny is one of only 17 elected or nominated lawmakers in New York to make this pledge (out of 747 total signers). (Read the full press release.)
After signing the pledge, Danny says, “I will be introducing a State Sovereignty resolution to the legislature to reaffirm New York States sovereignty and block the unconstitutional federal power grabs like Cap and Trade, and ObamaCare.” said Mr. Panzella.
For more information about Danny and his campaign, visit

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This is the year for more than the lesser of two evils

Anthony Librera, 2010 candidate for the 60th Assembly District, was recently quoted on regarding the need for third-party alternatives to the failing two-party system.

Change doesn’t come from political parties. Change comes from people’s ideas. The two parties in control had their shot at running the government efficiently and they failed equally miserably. The incompetence among Democrat and Republican Party lines has been fantastic. How can you run a successful operation when you only reach a deadline six times in the last 35 years? Change must come from the people.
Continuing to switch from each of the big parties hasn’t solved anything and it’s naive to believe this time is the exception. Fortunately, Staten Island and Brooklyn have a grassroots movement away from these parties and into a truly representative party for the people, the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party is fielding three candidates for State Assembly, Dave Narby in the 61st District, Danny Panzella in the 63rd District, and me, Anthony Librera, in the 60th District. Tom Vendittelli will be challenging Michael McMahon for the congressional seat.
The time for more than just the lesser of two evils is here. There’s a voice for the voiceless this year, and it’s directly from the people. The way the seemingly forgotten founders envisioned America to be, everyone has a say this year.

The approval rate for Congress has been in the doldrums for quite some time. According to a basket of polls, it hasn’t been since March 2005 that more people approved than disapproved of the job they’re doing. It’s no wonder that grassroots organizations and third-party candidates are making a splash.
It’s going to be an exciting 2010 election, and we’re all looking forward to real change.

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Liberty Candidates 2010 Endorses Danny Panzella for New York State Assembly 63rd District

From the wire services:

7 July 2010
United States of America
Liberty Candidates 2010 Endorses Danny Panzella for New York State Assembly 63rd District
LIBERTY-CANDIDATES.ORG enthusiastically welcomes Danny Panzella to the growing slate of candidates championing a return to Constitutional governance in the United States!
A Liberty Candidate will defend the great American principles of:

  • Individual Liberty
  • Constitutional Government
  • Sound Money
  • Free Markets
  • a Non-interventionist Foreign Policy.

This endorsement is the hallmark of a true Liberty Candidate. To qualify, Candidates must submit answers to the four liberty questions. Then, each application is voted on by a committee made up of peers and other liberty minded individuals. Each candidate’s website is visited by committee members to see that a candidate’s answers and his/her stance on the issues coincide.
If accepted, each Liberty Candidate is added to the site with prominent links back to his/her site(s). All Liberty Candidates are eligible to participate in the Liberty Candidate Money Bombs.
With candidates like Danny Panzella serving the people at the city, county, state and federal level, there is real hope for change in America.
Let Freedom Ring!

For more information about Liberty, go to
For more information about Danny Panzella, visit his 2010 Candidates page or his web site at

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Grass-roots candidates must supplant out-of-touch incumbents

Summary: Author Danny Panzella, the Libertarian Party candidate for the New York State Assembly’s 63rd District, comments on the problem with our current elected politicians. His comments were also published on

Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer’s comments about “lack of…sophistication” of those running for office is the very problem that permeates Washington and Albany.
This belief that these elected representatives (80 percent of them attorneys) are an elite class of people who will “parent” the unwashed masses is unfortunately characteristic of both dominating parties.
It is time for grass-roots candidates to step up out of the Tea Party rallies (or any other grass-roots movements) and run for office, get involved in the political process and take it back from this self proclaimed political elite.
We the people must have more than just a voice that is heard at rallies on Saturdays; we must take over Albany and Washington D.C..

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Island Libertarians announce 2010 candidates (Press Release)

Ed Stehlin, Chairman
Staten Island Libertarian Party
[email protected]
Island Libertarians Announce 2010 Candidates
Media Night Wednesday, June 9th
STATEN ISLAND, NY, June 10, 2010 – The Staten Island Libertarian Party announced that they will be running four candidates in the 2010 elections, covering New York’s 13th Congressional District and three New York State Assembly Districts.
Candidates include:

The chapter, officially recognized by the Libertarian Party of New York in April 2010, has already begun reaching out to the community to raise awareness of their candidates and their party’s platform. Richard Bier, the group’s Vice-Chairman, says the party counts the ideals of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and state’s rights as the cornerstones of their political platform.
For more information, visit the Staten Island Libertarian Party’s web site at, or email [email protected].

Anthony Librera (60th District),

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