Grass-roots candidates must supplant out-of-touch incumbents

Summary: Author Danny Panzella, the Libertarian Party candidate for the New York State Assembly’s 63rd District, comments on the problem with our current elected politicians. His comments were also published on

Assemblywoman Janele Hyer-Spencer’s comments about “lack of…sophistication” of those running for office is the very problem that permeates Washington and Albany.
This belief that these elected representatives (80 percent of them attorneys) are an elite class of people who will “parent” the unwashed masses is unfortunately characteristic of both dominating parties.
It is time for grass-roots candidates to step up out of the Tea Party rallies (or any other grass-roots movements) and run for office, get involved in the political process and take it back from this self proclaimed political elite.
We the people must have more than just a voice that is heard at rallies on Saturdays; we must take over Albany and Washington D.C..

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