Happy 4th of July!

I received the following via email from Chris Edes, former Chair of the Libertarian Party of New York. He gave me permission to share it here.

Two hundred and thirty-four years ago a new nation was born, one based on the idea that all human beings possess inherent dignity and inalienable rights.  One based on the idea of liberty and justice for all.
Our nation faced difficulties extending that promise to all people, difficulties we have risen to and overcome.  Yet at the same time, all of us increasingly feel that promise slipping away.  In February of this year, a Rasmussen poll found that only 21% of voters believe our government has the consent of the governed.  Does the promise of liberty and justice still ring true?
Well, another Rasmussen poll came out yesterday.  It found that 54% of Americans still believe the U.S. is a nation with liberty and justice for all.  34% disagreed and 11% were not sure.  Yet what I found most striking was that more than three-quarters (76%) also said that if they could live anywhere in the world, they would choose the United States.
Not only that, but “There is no significant difference among party lines — more than 70% of Republicans, Democrats and unaffiliated adults would rather live in the U.S. than anywhere else.”
Whatever our political disagreements and however disappointed we may feel in our government, Americans across all party lines overwhelmingly believe that the United States is the greatest nation on Earth.
I stand with them wholeheartedly.  Today I fly my flag as proudly as did our nation’s founders over two hundred years ago.  I’m convinced we can make this great experiment work, and fulfill the promise of Liberty.  I hope you agree, and I hope you’ll join with me today — in celebrating the birth of our nation, and thanking whatever Providence to which you may incline.
your fellow American,
Chris Edes

Thanks for your great words, Chris, and happy Independence Day to everyone!

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