Albany’s next trick: Robbing from Paul to pay Paul

As written by Dave Narby, 2010 Candidate for State Assembly (61st District), and printed in the Staten Island Advance, June 20, 2010:

Albany’s pension Ponzi scheme is now complete. They have decided to make payments to the state’s pension plan… By borrowing from the plan (“State Plan Makes Fund Both Borrower and Lender,” The New York Times, June 11, 2010). They are praying they can hold it together until the November election.
The state is bankrupt, but what can be done? If I were governor (with emergency powers), I would:

  • Slash all expenditures by 25 percent;
  • Privatize everything possible;
  • Replace state pensions with 401ks;
  • Direct all state funds to allocate 10 percent of resources to physical gold and silver;
  • Create a task force to uncover state fraud;
  • Start a New York State charter bank and return project financing to the people of New York;
  • Meet with businesses to uncover job-impeding legislation and strike it;
  • Work with public unions to find an alternative to imminent massive layoffs.

And that’s just for starters.
Since I am not governor, but a mere candidate for State Assembly (Libertarian Party, District 61), and since Albany is unlikely to change course until they are forced by a system collapse, I urge New Yorkers to seriously reconsider the elective status quo this November.

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