Dear Friends,
My sincere thanks to you all for digging deep and helping to get the Liberty Kitchen & Food Drive off to such an inspiring start. We now have a car full of canned goods ready to be delivered.
Dave Narby, the SILP Secretary, has been in contact with Project Hospitality. We’ll be working with them and other neighborhood organizations to get these gifts to where they’re needed most.
Local food banks are reporting 30-40 additional families seeking assistance each week. We’re talking hard-working, self-reliant families who have simply found themselves overwhelmed by these tough economic times. And sadly, it might just get worse.
So please, keep it coming:

  • Jars of baby food always needed
  • Non-perishable foodstuffs and canned goods
  • New or like-new pots, pans, microwaveable cookware, and cooking utensils
  • Extra or unneeded cookbooks also welcome
  • No donation is too small.
  • Feel free to bring your gift to our next Town Hall meeting

To arrange for pickup or find the nearest drop-off location:

Call our Liberty Line at 646-543-7457

Or contact [email protected]

The goal of the Liberty Kitchen & Food Drive is simple: Help families to help themselves by maintaining a sense of independence, dignity, and self-worth. We’ll faithfully assist in providing food to those in need, plus the knowledge and tools to prepare it.
Again, thank you on behalf of your neighbors for your generosity and compassion.
Highest Regards,
Edward Stehlin, Chairman

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