New appointments: Campaign Director, General Campaign Coordinator, and Recruitment Manager

The Staten Island Libertarian Party is at once thrilled and grateful to officially announce three new appointments.
Jennifer DeSanctis-Narby has been appointed Communications Director. She will be the gatekeeper of all external press and party materials, provide editorial review and fact-checking, and coordinate both print and online copywriting.
Ralph Bencivenga has been appointed General Campaign Coordinator. He will work with individual campaign managers to schedule candidate appearances and general campaign events, and will help train and coordinate volunteer support efforts.
Tom C. has been appointed Recruitment Manager. Using academia as a base of operations, Tom will work to promote general awareness, build general membership for the chapter, and recruit volunteers for the general campaign. He will also help to develop additional online and broadcast opportunities.
We look forward to our continued success with our new appointees as we being the political campaign season.

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