A simple stroke of the pen

Four courageous young citizens have put their lives on hold to tackle what the professional politicians have had neither the principles nor political will to fix for generations: our government.
These candidates, your candidates, are very close to fulfilling their signature petition requirements to get on the November election ballot. But we’re not there yet, and time is growing short. We need as many people as possible to sign.
The Big Party machines will do everything in their power to stay in power. We fully expect the political establishment to legally challenge many of your signatures in an effort to invalidate them, and silence you.
Only your efforts can prevent that. To sign a petition, contact me directly at:
[email protected]
One stroke from your pen will help to alter the reckless course of government in this nation and New York State. There has never been an opportunity like this in your lifetime. And may not be again for years to come.
Come be a part of history. Contact us before August 13th, and we’ll put a petition in your hands.
The future already is.
Thank you.
Edward Stehlin
Staten Island Libertarian Party

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